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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 21, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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single injection? the way it's dorn now is three injections. it's a huge question with implications but the judge wants an answer by tomorrow. the judge is moving quickly because albert greenwood brown is scheduled to die by lethal injection september 29 for raping and murdering a 15-year- old girl in 1980. since the moratorium on execution went into effect, the state has revamped the process to ensure it's humane even giving tours of its new facilities in san quentin. but brown's lawyers disagree. >> it's part of the execution setting process in all these things. so for the attorney general to say he is not part of the process is not correct. they were there when mr. brown's execution day was set. they were part of process in some of the other execution setting events and so i think they are very much part of the process. i think the attorney general is part of process. >> bottom line here, the state says their executions are more
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humane and you disagree? they haven't proven that. we have proven something different morales was convicted of killing a girl in 1983 sentenced to die by lethal injection but he sued the state saying that california's lethal injection process was cruel and unusual punishment violating his rights. the federal judge here in san jose could rule by friday which would have a directs impact on next week's scheduled execution of mr. brown. back to you. >> thank you. it's been a year since a mysterious murder in marin county and police have few leads but simon perez telesales they hope a big reward is being offered to lead to fresh clues. >> frankly, we're running out of leads. >> reporter: tiburon police chief michael cronin says investigators have put in 4,000 hours trying to find out who shot 75-year-old joan rosenthal in the head and killed her one
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year ago today. her body was found inside an enclosed patio. >> it would it would suggest that somebody had access that she gave somebody access or she came out for some of other reason and was followed back into the area by a suspects. >> reporter: generally crime -- >> involves somebody that's well known to the victim. those are the simplest murders. we solve about 90% of those and we usually are able to make an arrest within two or three days. those that don't fall into that category where the motive isn't immediately apparent, the solve rate nationally falls to something closer to a third or less. >> reporter: chief cronin says investigators did find some dna evidence and that has been analyzed but to no avail. >> motive of the crime is the most difficult to prove. >> could it be some person is
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walking by? could it be? anything could be at this situation. pull a gun out and fired on her for no apparent reason. those are extremely difficult to prove if that's the situation because there is no connection between the victim. motive of the crime is the most difficult to prove. there is nothing that allows the sheriff's department to get a handle on the investigation. >> reporter: it is possible a dna match could come up in the future as more criminals are entered into the system. right now the police department is hoping that someone remembers something and maybe this story and maybe that reward will jog someone's memory. if you do remember something, you can call the tiburon police department. you will find that number at our website, >> tonight this is a fresh reminder. so simon, thank you. a female jogger was attacked on a trail in san jose yesterday morning. the woman says a man pushed her into an aqueduct and tried to sexually assault her near snell and colleen in san jose. the woman says the man was in his 20s and ran away after she fought him off. two oakland women were not
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as lucky. they were attacked near lake merritt on sunday night. both were robbed and sexually assaulted in relatively secluded areas by an armed man. police suspect the same man is involved in both cases. women in the neighborhood are being told to stay in well- lighted and populated areas. it's a disturbing accusation. police in south san francisco are now looking for a man they believe manipulated his mentally disabled girlfriend into prostitution. this is the suspect, 27-year- old nicholas geranios. police say he was advertising list 21-year-old girlfriend on the internet, she is autistic. police say the mother found out because he was bragging to other people about what he was doing so she immediately went to the police. >> because of her condition, although she is 21, her mentality is about the age of a 12-year-old. so he began pimping her out, prostitution, go to hotels to
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get on the internet on web books, clients would come to the hotels. >> anyone with information about the suspect should call south san francisco police. it's an economic lesson just about everyone has learned over the past couple of years: you have to prioritize. for a lot of bay area cities, that meant cutting things likely bay area's and in some cases even police. one of our viewers had a question about priorities in his city, which recently laid off firefighters. how can the city afford to patrol lawns? so we sent mike sugerman to find out. reporter: in certain parts of san jose, weeds can grow like weeds. but be ever vigilant or you might get a letter from the city. >> the city of san jose building a department of planning, building and code enforcement. >> reporter: this gentleman got one although he doesn't want to be identified. he is scared of what the city might do to him. so the letter informed him he
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had violated san jose municipal code section 17.72.525, not keeping up exterior property. >> my lawn was overgrown or needed to be cut. and the fine was going to be $250 if i didn't get it done within 10 days. >> reporter: he admits he had let some mowing go for several weeks and it has looked better. he wasn't happy but then he saw our story about san jose police cutbacks because of lack of funds. >> i saw you on tv because you had the piece on cutting the gang task force for the police department the other day. and i thought that was -- i have already heard of them cutting fire, now they want to cut police, too. >> reporter: he wondered why is there money for lawn patrolling but not gang patrolling? >> eventually we are just going to have somebody going around the garden police are going to be coming around and making sure your yards are upkept but not -- nobody is going to be arresting anybody who needs to be arrested, you know? >> reporter: his neighbors got a similar letter so they are laying sod wondering why firefighters are getting laid
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off. >> we had a house burn down over here on dent, not but a few months ago. it took forever for them to get here. >> public safety is number one but it's not the only value that we have. >> reporter: we took the neighbors' complaints to city hall and asked mayor chuck reed what they wanted to know. laying off cops and firefighters and keeping lawn inspectors? >> they want code enforcement department mostly driven by fees for work that needs to be done and so they have a different funding source. we can't just take that money that we charge somebody to do something and spend it on police officers. >> reporter: that's the way municipal budgets work. cuts can come in all forms, from lawns to cops. in san jose, mike sugerman, cbs 5. people in walnut creek upset with city hall in pleasant hill. the burger joint at the center of a growing border dispute. the ee lose ever man at the center of the bell salary scandal in handcuffs.
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the eight arrests and dozens of charges that literally have people grabbing champagne bottles in southern california. one of michael vick's fight dogs is now doing something that seems impossible. what words would you use to describe leo? >> clown, lover boy, kiss me. >> coming up in minutes. we're fighting for clear skies over every city and healthy lungs throughout the country. the american lung association isn't just fighting for air. we're fighting for all the things that make it worth breathing. join us in the fight at can cause coma andider's even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds.
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burgers. there's a plan to build a new in-n- out on north main street in pleasant hill. it's right on the border with walnut there is a plan to build a new in-n-out on north main street on pleasant hill on the border with walnut creek so the people of walnut creek have no say on whether the restaurant goes in or not and some would rather it not. ann notarangelo is on the border of the two cities tonight. ann. >> reporter: the question, how do you fight city hall when it's not in your own city? and that is the question that people in walnut creek are asking. they live right there on the
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border between walnut creek and pleasant hill. i just stepped into pleasant hill. and here we are where they want to bill an in-n-out burger restaurant and some people doesn't want it. >> we love them but not here. >> reporter: in-n-out likes this pleasant hill location because it's visible from 680 but it backs up against a walnut creek neighborhood one without sidewalks and two street lights and white pleasant hill might get up to $50,000 a year in taxes, there are dozens of walnut creek neighbors who are saying, what about us? >> the benefits going to come to pleasant hill and that's good for pleasant hill and the trash and the traffic and the congestion is going to walnut creek and our neighborhood. >> reporter: the neighbors have banded together attending meetings explaining how they don't want to be overrun by the smell of fast food, the potential for garbage, the exhaust from cars lining up for the drive-through along the wall, and the traffic.
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>> we expect 12 to 1500 cars will be coming through in-n-out burger and many will take a shortcut right through my neighborhood guaranteed because people are already doing that. >> reporter: it's true while 680 is across the street getting their is easy if you use side streets the same streets used by children on bikes. simple enough concerns but remember these are walnut creek residents fighting pleasant hill city hall. >> it's irrelevant to us whether they live in walnut creek or pleasant hill. we would still be looking at the same issues. >> reporter: pleasant hill city planners say the city is trying to bend over backwards to address the neighbors' traffic worries. >> i think it's certainly a valid concern and we're going to try to work with all the parties to, you know, come up with a design that minimizes that concern. >> reporter: some options include reconfigure the median on main street and moving the drive through so it doesn't follow the fence line. do you feel as if the city of pleasant hill is listening to your concerns? >> yes. >> reporter: but others say they need a little more help. >> we feel that walnut creek
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really needs to come to our aid. we haven't seen that yet. >> reporter: but there are talks going on behind the scenes. the city of walnut creek says it's -- its city manager and other officials met yesterday with the city of pleasant hill. this afternoon in-n-out sent cbs 5 an email saying the proposal is not a done deal. a company vice president wrote i know we have had a preliminary meeting with the neighbors there and are in the process of trying to incorporate their concerns into our site plan revisions. it's our hope we can revise our plan to accommodate the neighbors. >> reporter: but it's hardly an end there. >> we want in-n-out to say we're done, we made a huge mistake. there is nothing they can do to make us happy at this point. >> reporter: so right now those walnut creek neighbors are getting ready to head down to their own city hall. they are going to talk to their elected officials and they want to get them to influence pleasant hill city officials to do what they want, no in-n- outburger. >> you have to feel like it's
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location, location, location. the chain must feel like it's a prime spot. >> reporter: it is. but they are building another in-n-out four miles away also in pleasant hill. that site is aproved. the neighbors say we don't need more than one in one city. this is a key site for them right off 680 for in-n-out. >> but for neighbors that will grill their onions. all right. >> reporter: yeah. >> thanks so much. san francisco's board of supervisors voted today to add an extra charge to alcohol served at bars and restaurants and mayor gavin newsom as promised promptly vetoed it. supervisors wanted to add several cents to each drink sold, so it would be used for alcohol abuse programs. newsom said the fee is unnecessary and harmful to local businesses saying that the fee would put the city in questionable legal territory as well due to state preemption issues. let's check in with lawrence in tonight with the weather forecast for us.
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lawrence? >> last full day of summer and feeling more like fall already. clouds scooting across the skies right now. high cirrus clouds blowing on through going to see more of those through the evening hours but really it's the that i understand have been kicking up around the bay area, 20, 30 plus-mile-an-hour gusts showing up outside and continuing to howl in spots. not really typical of a summer day outside but this is how it's been all summer long. keeping you cool and increase the onshore breeze. lot to the evening skies stay partly cloudy. inside the bay looking main into the 60s. at the coast partly cloudy skies and cool that fog will be reforming overnight tonight. warble low average this time year. 69 in fremont. 37 in san jose. sneak up to 80 in napa and 68 degrees in san rafael. so as we look out toward the next couple of days, guess
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what. we are ending summer but here comes fall. it will start feeling like summer outside. temperatures will crank up as early as thursday. some mid-80s showing up by the afternoon there. and as we get into friday and saturday and sunday, that's when that ridge starts to set up. we begin to see more of an offshore wind pattern and when that happens we get that beautiful weather around the bay area and 90s inland hot in spots maybe some 70s at the beaches. of course, one thing you have to watch out for, higher fire danger as we head into the weekend, as well. >> thank you. not that long ago they fought for michael vick. now they are fighting cancer. that's in two minutes. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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eagles since being jailed for sunday michael vick made his first appearance as starting quarterback for the philadelphia eagles since being in prison for running a dogfighting enterprise. len ramirez shows us a former vic animal that was once trained to kill is now bringing comfort to bay area cancer patients. lateral back to vic and this is still live play. >> reporter: the all pro superstar image of michael vick made the discovery of his dogfighting ring all the more shocking in 2007. >> due to the situation i found jesus... and i asked him for forgiveness. >> reporter: but the horror stories that came from his virginia estate, the deprivation, the beatings,
6:20 pm
hangings, electrocutions and drownings of dogs that refused to fight were all true. >> come on, bud. good boy! >> reporter: that's what makes leo so remarkable. as a former vick fighting dog, he was once described as a ticking time bomb. but today? what words would you use to describe leo? >> clown... lover boy, kiss me... >> reporter: she is a certified trainer whose los gatos dog rescue group took leo in and focused on his gentle nature. >> our pack rescued him in december 2007. and within five weeks, he was registered as a therapy dog. >> come on, sweetheart. >> reporter: that's right. this broad shouldered pit bull now wears a clown's collar to a mountain view cancer care center once a week to love and be loved by patients who know what it's like to be hurting. >> when i see him, it's joy. i mean, you know, he just makes me feel good inside. you know? so good to feel good these days. >> reporter: ruth adams has
6:21 pm
been seeing leo for two years and they seem to have formed a close bond. adam has battles cancer for 14 years and is in remission. >> i connect with him having gotten to know his story, having gone through what he has gone through. it's been i mean, you know, i know... >> reporter: of the 51 dogs take from michael vick's property only four could not be rescued. the rest have found new families, new lives, new careers outside the ring. >> he's had so much evil and now so much love. >> reporter: she could be the adopt him out. this is leo's home -- she couldn't adopt him out. this is leo's home now. >> he doesn't want to find. i don't know if it's a transformation or rehabilitation as much as
6:22 pm
setting up the environment for the dogs to be who they were in the first place, loving sweet affectionate animals. >> reporter: in los gatos, len ramirez, cbs 5. for some, it was reason to break out the bubbly. >> it is the day of reckoning. and certainly a good day. so long overdue. >> well, for this gentleman, not so much. the long list of counts facing the former bell city manager and a half dozen others who find themselves facing charges, as well. san francisco bay's hot spots for toxic trash and what it will take to get those spots cleaned up. around local library in the palm of your hand. said "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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see. well, it happened this when his salary was made pun, this is what a lot of people said they wanted to see when his salary was made public. it happened this morning. robert rizzo earning $800,000 as city manager of bell, california taken out of his huntington beach home in handcuffs but as dave lopez shows us, the arrest didn't stop with mr. rizzo.
6:26 pm
[ people yelling ] >> reporter: to those who have been following the bell investigation, they wondered when the hammer was going to fall. today did. >> the los angeles county district attorney's office public integrity division filed criminal charges of misappropriation of public funds and conflict of interest against robert rizzo. >> reporter: the one-time $800,000 a year city manager is behind bars on $3.2 million bail arrested along with him, four members of the current bell city council, mayor oscar hernandez, councilmembers theresa. >> cob bow, louise ortega george mar bell, his assistant and one-team bell city councilman and the godfather of bell politics who openly bragged according to sources that he is so well connected that no one would touch him. >> mr. cole is being booked. >> reporter: he said he welcomes this investigation. was there any difficulty in going after george cole? >> not that i know of. any difficulty going after george coal? >> no.
6:27 pm
>> reporter: so all the political ties he said he has was -- >> i didn't hear him say that. but you know what? here's the deal. i challenge the defense attorneys to go to a speedy preliminary hearing. let's get all the evidence out there. they are going to make statements, let's go to court. >> reporter: coolly had some harsh words for rizzo. >> rizzo acting as unelected and unaccountable czar for the city of bell secretly set his own salary. he misappropriated substantial pay and benefits by increasing each of them through a series of actions that no one approved of and few if anyone knew about. >> reporter: rizzo and the other seven defendants are behind bars in what is called keep-away status for their own protection away from all other inmates and they will be in court sometime tomorrow.
6:28 pm
their bail is high. for rizzo, $3.2 million. $145,000 for artiga and there is a caveat to posting bail. >> we have asked the court that no one be allowed to post bail until there is an opportunity to examine the source of the bond. >> reporter: according to one bond expert that could be hard to do and could take a couple of days in court. and cooley had this message that he is playing no favorites. >> i would charge my mother if i had evidence against my mother. >> reporter: rizzo faces 53 felony charges. he was arrested quietly in the alley that's behind his huntington beach home. hernandez the mayor of bell police had to use a battering ram to arrest him. cooley said he was a little slow in answering the doorbell. from downtown los angeles, dave lopez, cbs 5. now, as we mentioned rizzo wasn't arrested in bell. he was taken into custody at his home in huntington beach. and as michael gillesly shows us, the morning arrest drew some smiles and at least one
6:29 pm
bottle of champagne. >> reporter: at least a half dozen police officers from the los angeles county district attorney's office some in gloves and bulletproof vests sifted through evidence at robert rizzo's huntington beach home today. the former bell city manager was arrested this morning in a surprise raid. a neighbor was on his upstairs patio watching it all. >> yes, ma'am, i did see it. his face was scared and he was shaking like a leaf. >> reporter: another neighbor saw law enforcement lined up in the back alley. rizzo was pulling out in his black cadillac when cops surrounded him and slapped the handcuffs on. >> wasn't in a hurry or anything. he was just cruising down the alley and then there they were. so yeah, i'm happy. i think he got what deserved. >> i'm sightseeing to make sure everything is okay at the rizzo residence. >> reporter: as the investigation went on inside there was a small celebration
6:30 pm
outside. three bell police officers past and present came to see where robert rizzo was arrested. james corcoran said he blew the whistle on the former city manager last year. >> it is the day of reckoning and certainly a good day. so long overdue. but i appreciate everything the d.a.'s office has done today. >> reporter: one neighbor tells me robert rizzo lived here with his wife and young daughter. but they have not been seen. you saw the champagne in huntington beach. that wasn't the only party. stephanie abrams picks up the celebration in front of bell city hall. [ chant ] >> reporter: long-time bell residents sang and danced in front of city hall when they heard of the arrest and criminal charges filed against their former city manager and former and the current councilmembers. eight in all charged with corruption to the tune of $5.5 million in public funds. >> thank you, jerry brown. thank you, steve cooley. you guys did the right thing.
6:31 pm
and we will go ahead and continue. >> happy birthday for that community and for me, too. >> this is one of the happiest days of my life other than getting married and having my children. >> reporter: the councilman who wasn't arrested lorenzo velez says he feels vindicated with proof that he was never part of the corruption. >> the district attorney didn't mention me in the indictment so finally, that truth is out. finally our community can start healing and move forward. >> reporter: residents say that can't happen until they see robert rizzo and alleged co- conspirators convicted. >> we want them to pay for what they stole from the city. >> jail. if -- if -- you know, if i stole from you, what do you think? >> they are going exactly where they deserve to be. >> reporter: as for the current councilmembers arrested, velez points out they can't yet be forced to step down. >> i wouldn't be surprised if they post bail and they show up in a council meeting, you know? you never know. >> reporter: and for that
6:32 pm
reason, the recall process continues. residents say they are almost done collecting signatures, realizing they may not see you in leadership here in the city of bell until early next year. reporting from outside bell city hall, stephanie abrams, cbs 5. >> it's the jewel of the region. but it could use some spiffing up. which spots get a dishonorable mention in this year's report card on san francisco bay trash. first there was the library and then the bookmobile. well, now the library is going mobile in a whole new way. the 49ers quarterback confuses hope into his future and that was team. i'm dennis o'donnell. you got admit. teams seem to thrive on mike singletary's emotion. why the coach says that won't stop coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and it's also a serious pollution threat to people and san francisco bay has one of the world's most beautiful shorelines and it is also a serious pollution threat to people and wildlife. now the conservation group save
6:35 pm
the bay has identified 225 creeks and shoreline areas in the bay with toxic levels of garbage. don ford shows us some of the worst. >> somebody dumped their -- that's really bad. >> reporter: urban celestine is talking about trash and debris washing up at the shore of damon slough an urban stream that flows through the heart of many oak neighborhoods. >> no regard for the environment. they are just selfish. >> reporter: the environmental group save the south bay worried about damon slough and many other san francisco bayshore lines polluted with heavy trash. save the bay has identified lots of trouble spots. >> this year we are showcasing 225 hot spots around the bay area that are so overrun with trash like plastic bags and cigarette with u.s. and styrofoam containers. >> reporter: berkeley's aquatic park is on the list.
6:36 pm
beautiful until you look closer. so is the alameda shoreline. trash in the sand. next saturday is he annual coastal clean-up day and safety bay is hoping for a large turnout. urban celestine has been walking these oakland shores for years. once long ago, he came across more than just trash. >> a dead person, actually dead. somebody dumped a body in the bushes there. >> reporter: thankfully, it was a one-time event. our shorelines are beautiful and deserve our care. this saturday is coastal clean- up day and we all have a responsibility to keep our shorelines clean. just be careful how and what you pick up. along san francisco bay, don ford, cbs 5. the san jose public library is now only as far away as your cell phone. len ramirez on what the city's newes app lets you do on the go. >> so what this is a collection of clippings from our san jose public library bookmobile, clipping file. >> reporter: a generation ago this is how the san jose public
6:37 pm
library went mobile. today the bookmobile is gone, but the idea of bringing the library to the people is alive and well. >> the san jose public library now fits in the palm of your hand. >> reporter: that is if your hand is holding a mobile smart phone. >> all the resources online are available to people who download our new mobile application. >> reporter: the new library melanoma application is a free download for androids, blackberrys, iphones and windows phones. on it you can search for books, tapes, dvds and tell you where it is on the shelves in which branch. >> okay so in this case we are looking for ground zero by paul wilson. we are going to click on that. right below where it says request, it will locate all the places that you could find this book. in this case, we're at the king library on the first floor and it says it's available in the fiction section which is located in this area and the book is right here. >> reporter: the app also
6:38 pm
lettings you download ebook, research articles directly from magazines and newspapers, and keep track of library activities and events. it's one way for the library to stay relevant in an increasingly mobile world where researching is as easy as going to google or wikipedia. >> libraries are the essence of the community. and you know, we're doing things to, you know, to stay vibrant, to stay vital, to our customers. >> reporter: and the application could save you some money because embedded in the software is a way for you to renew books without having to return them in push meaning you will never have to have an overdue book again. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. looking like a cool day, fall is looking hot. we'll talk about that coming up next. for just about everything. so ,,,,,,,,,,
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so mikel s moon bay want nasa is supposed to have a contingency plan for everything. so michael schmidt of half moon bay wants to know, what would astronauts do if they had
6:42 pm
appendicitis in flight. can they perform surgery? ken bastida with tonight's "good question." >> if you get sick at work, you can always take off, go to the doctors office get checked out there. but what if where you work is 250 miles above the earth? and there is no doctor available and taking off means a spaceship ride back to earth? what do you do then? >> i know that at least two or three astronauts on any mission are intensively trained in medical procedures and there's always a flight surgeon on hand at mission control to talk the crew through anything they need to know. >> reporter: okay. we get the fact that somebody on board knows how to stop a bloody nose, splint a sprained finger, but what about the serious stuff? ben burris with the chabot space and science center says believe it or not, they can cut you open in space if they have to. >> they have medical kits up there with step by step instruction cards for just about anything that might happen. >> reporter: burris says nasa keeps a fairly complete medical
6:43 pm
kit on board the shuttle and the space station including defibrillators and surgical gear. and if it's really serious, they can load a board a soyuz capsule have you back on the earth in a couple of hours. >> i think that's the more likely scenario? taking people back to earth as opposed to sending up help. >> reporter: i need your good questions. send them to me at >> well, tomorrow should actually be the start of summer instead of fall. >> tomorrow just after 8:00 officially becoming fall but i'll tell you what this summer is something else. it felt like fall the entire summer. >> winter even. >> but small uses the best time of year in the bay area for weather and it looks like it's going to work that way as we are going to see high pressure building in offshore winds kicking in and well, by this weekend we are going to be saying hey it feels like summer. how about this outside right now, we have a few high clouds crewing across our skies, some cirrus clouds blowing through. there is a trough of low pressure along the coastline that continues to produce some
6:44 pm
of the clouds. we'll see more of those throughout the night tonight. ocean beach started out great but you have lots of sunshine there now maybe a couple of patches of fog forming but we'll see more of that overnight tonight and into tomorrow as the clouds continue to barrel through parts of the bay area. headed outside it's blowing pretty good. we have seen gusts to 36 miles per hour in sausalito. san francisco had a gust of 34. 32 if you head toward the airport in san francisco and how about redwood city? they are checking in with a gust there of 28 miles per hour. we are probably going to see similar winds toward tomorrow. so high pressure it's nowhere to be found right now. it's sitting off the coastline. so of we have the trough off the west coast, the next wave of moisture sliding through that will continue to bring cool air into the bay area not only for today and tonight but also in toward tomorrow. temperatures are going to be okay. it's not going to be freezing tomorrow but much cooler than normal. lots of 70s, maybe some mid-70s in some of the warmer spots where usually we are looking at the mid-80s. as you head inside the bay temperatures in the 60s and couple of 70s under mostly
6:45 pm
sunny skies by the afternoon while at the coastline fog and low clouds but in the afternoon a little sunshine and temperatures up into the 50s and 60s. right now if you are stepping out the door, we have 61 in livermore, 64 and breezy towards san jose, blowing pretty good in pacifica. 59 in san francisco. and still warm in santa rosa at 72 degrees. well, if you are stepping across the stage, we do have some warmer temperatures in toward the central valley. 79 degrees in fresno, about 75 in sacramento. high country looking at partly cloudy skies and temperatures cool overnight lows dropping down into the 30s so be prepared if you are headed to the high country. we have much cooler weather for them heading into the not to distant future. all right. so we have this trough that continues to hang out along the coastline. you have this area of low pressure right here diving through on the back side of this that's going to help to amplify things a little for tomorrow. that means we'll keep the temperatures down. part of the day tomorrow will be summer, and it's going to feel like fall. it will be breezy, cool at the
6:46 pm
coast. by the afternoon it will be comfortable but the winds will kick up. so it's going to feel cooler than normal. all right. with that in mind, tomorrow morning we start out with a couple of patches of fog around the bay area. it's going to blow out pretty good toward the afternoon once you get those cold air nixing in and mixing out the fog with more sunshine at the beaches by tomorrow afternoon. we are planning on 61 degrees at half moon bay. 72 in union city. 67 and sunny in palo alto. east bay temperatures you're usually looking at 80s this time year, not even close. you will see about 75 one of the warmer spots in brentwood, 74 in pittsburg, 68 degrees and windy in richmond. and about 69 into oakland. north bay looking good by the afternoon. low clouds and fog, windy in san francisco tomorrow with the strong onshore breeze continuing. but things about to change. summer coming to an end but
6:47 pm
fall is looking good as high pressure sneaks in. offshore wind kicking in as early as friday. some 90s showing up in the interior valleys. how about some 70s in right near the coastline? then it looks like toward next monday and tuesday, starting to cool off a little bit. but summer will make a return after fall begins. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. coming up on eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 on cbs 5, playing videogames can be mind numbing but maybe that's not such a bad thing. tonight how one kind of game may actually have a medicinal use relieving pain. we have an update on the saints star player who was hurt in last night's game against the 49ers. i'm dennis o'donnell. and a bay area athlete who is overcoming an obstacle of his own in the water, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:48 pm
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[ ding ] you know the way the 49ers started that game last night, they really had to right that ship. that was looking really bad. >> but i think we found a quarterback certainly for the present, possibly for the future. i mean. the demise of alex smith is premature. i think we found that out last night. the 49ers lost a game but alex smith played in the greatest
6:51 pm
game of his career last night against the saints and avoided any communication issues. smith passed for 275 yards and completed 72% of his passes. it was his most efficient game since november of 2006. although the 49ers did lose, he led a scoring drive with about 2 minutes to go in the game. >> a lot of emotions right now. you know? frustrated. it's -- i mean, in the end it's a loss. lose by one, lose by whatever. still killing ourselves, turnovers, especially today in the red zone >> i have a saying that what we do in practice we can do in the game. so i see them doing that in practice. a number of times. so... >> this morning mike singletary said he was trying to be more careful about coming on to the field when talking to referees. last night he forgot that a little bit in the 4th quarter trying to call a time-out. singletary also said he is working on controlling his emotion when dealing with the media. >> i'm not a politician.
6:52 pm
i'm not a -- i'm not a tap dancer. i say things that i feel. and i do have to do a better job at not letting the media bait me the way they did last week in one particular incident. >> can't imagine what that incident was. more on tonight 49ers press pass. tune in 12:30 on cable 12. a broken leg, ahmed brooks broke the player's fibula will sideline him for six weeks. the cubs are rid of former manager lou piniella and it's probably mellowed out their radio announcer ron santo. >> nobody covering home for the -- >> who called time out? >> that's what lou i think ron is arguing.
6:53 pm
>> oh, gosh! >> can't get any work. just can't. very, very bad. very bad. >> since piniella left the cubs are 17-7 under mike quaid. they are one of the hottest teams in baseball having one 6 straight. overall they are 13 games under .500 good news for the giants who cling to a half game lead in the division. last night in philadelphia, fan dressed in red and got on the field. diaz tripped the fan so security officers could wrestle him down. he received a standing ovation for having the courage to get involved. going to brazil. the bleacher collapse. it was caught on time. 100 people were injured at this race car event. six people went to the hospital, two in serious condition, nobody killed. cal and stanford have combined for 23 water polo national championships. santa clara hopes to just qualify for the tournament and if they do, it will be on the
6:54 pm
back of nick [ indiscernible ] >> he is one of the best players in the nation. he had a breakout season last year. he scored 78 goals, most do 45. >> reporter: nick played into the santa clara record books with the 78 goals last season. but he goes beyond wearing out the opposing defense. he is a type one diabetic, diagnosed when he was just 16. >> i was sleeping like 16 hours a day. i had unquenchable thirst. i would go to the bathroom six or seven times a night. i lost 20 pounds because my body was basically eating away at itself to get the nutrients. >> reporter: nearly 8% of americans are affected by the disease. few play a rigorous sport like water polo and even fewer are as good as nick, who is
6:55 pm
constantly monitoring his blood sugar levels. >> i feel like i'm a little more lenient than most diabetics would be about watching what they eat because i like to just be able to get all the energy i can for practice and i have always got backup food like emergency food and sugar in my locker just in case it goes low. >> it's hard to think about how hard we work in the pool of day and then to think about that he has to focus on this other thing and realize how his body feels not just from being sore but also internally is going on in the blood. >> reporter: nick has been playing since he was 10. a strict regimen the testing and shots helped him avoid any serious problem in the water as he continues to pile up the goals he raises awareness for the disease. >> people are like oh, cool so you have diabetes you need to take shots and then there's yeah, i take about four or five a day and people go four or five? i hate needles! i could never do that. then i always just tell them, sometimes i joke with them and say yeah, i hate needles, too.
6:56 pm
>> what a great example for other aspiring athletes. you can play with this other athletes currently battling the disease while they play. bears quarterback jay cutler former gonzaga star al morrison and brandon morrow play pro sports with diabetes. before ohio state whacked the university of ohio saturday, the mascot got in a big time shot on the other mascot. the 19-year-old in the wild could the suit said he was planning the attack for years and followed brutus all the way to the end zone getting a second shot in. he's not enrolled at the school and is banned from any ohio activity. that's going too far with your colors. for years he has been deciding he was going to get at that mascot and finally he does. that's impressive. [ laughter ]
6:57 pm
>> think about if he put that much time into his college career. [ laughter ] >> i mean -- >> might get you. >> right. >> that's bizarre. >> he didn't go to school for -- >> consumed for years he finally got his man in the end zone, too. i think that was the safety. >> special. >> so you got the "49er preview" tonight? >> press pass tonight so you can hear all of mike singletary's news conference tonight on the cw 44. yes. >> we'll look for that. >> thank you. okay. we are coming back at 10:00 and 11:00. hopefully you'll join us. >> have a great night. we're always on look out. good night. ,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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